Vote for JubyLee Bakes!

1st April 2019
UPDATE: Congratulations to JubyLee Bakes on successfully winning the vote and securing the funding for their new kitchen.
Our lovely friends at JubyLee Bakes, many of whom are current or former QEII Students, are finalists in the National Lottery People's Projects 2019. This means they have a chance to secure £50,000 in funding towards having their own kitchen! (Currently they rent the kitchen in Oaks Class after school. Having their own place would mean they could bake during school hours too, creating lots of job opportunities.)
To get the funds, they need to win a public vote, which is running from 1st-15th April. We would love to send as much support their way as possible - after all, they are named after us!
You can find out more and cast your vote by following this link:
(JubyLee Bakes photos courtesy of Stephen Candy Photography.)