eSchools Communication

We use eSchools as our electronic home/school communication system. Every parent/carer has their own unique login and password that they can use to access messages and information regarding their child and their child's class. This is also the method used for parents/carers to send messages to their child's teacher. Access is via this website or the eSchools app which can be downloaded on Apple or Android mobile devices.
You can also log in by CLICKING HERE.
eSchools allows for confidential messaging between parents/carers and QEII staff, as well as easy and secure sharing of whole class news, information and photographs.
Parents who are new to the eSchools system, or who are having any technical issues with it, can book support appointments (in person or by telephone) by contacting Stephen via the School Office. These are usually held on Mondays or Tuesdays, but other times may be possible by arrangement.