Newsletter & Newsround 10th November

10th November 2023
Here is the school newsletter and Newsround video for Friday 10th November 2023.

Welcome to QEII Newsround, my name is Kaiden

And I’m Brandon

Here are Beachcombers Class with this week’s Signs of the Week for you to learn.

This week, instead of a Yoimoji, we have been having fun for Children in Need. Here are some of the photos of today’s activities!

The children in Beachcomber’s Class have settled into life at QEII school very well and we are feeling very proud of our new class. They have been exploring the topics of Dinosaurs and Autumn Celebrations in their activities. In this selection of photos below you can see the children learning about Divali. They have enjoyed practical Maths with Numicon and tower building. They have enjoyed Art activities, creating firework pictures and clay Hedgehogs.  The children have a shared story interest in the Gruffalo and they have used props to retell the story many, many times.

This week’s Taskmaster Club had to show off their best dance moves, and then impress the Taskmaster. They did this brilliantly with a piece of live drama from the story Jamie had written, and by Zach teaching a martial arts routine to his group. Congratulations to The Floppers who were this week’s winners.

Don’t miss our Seniors Christmas Carol Service on Friday 8th December at St. John’s Church in Broadbridge Heath and our Carol Singing at John Lewis in Horsham on Monday 11th December.

See you next time, bye!