School Uniform

Our policy on school uniform is based on the notion that school uniform:

  •     Promotes a sense of pride in the school;
  •     Develops a sense of community and belonging towards the school and local community of schools;
  •     Is practical and smart;
  •     Prevents students from attending school in fashion clothing that could be distracting in class;
  •     Makes students feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance;
  •     Is regarded as suitable wear for school and good value for money by most parents;
  •     Is designed with health and safety in mind;
  •     It promotes privacy and dignity and independence.

Pupils of statutory school age are required to wear school uniform. This does not apply to Nursery or the College.

The school uniform consists of a school sweatshirt, which is royal blue and embroidered with the school logo, black or grey trousers/joggers/skirt and a blue polo shirt for primary and a white polo shirt for seniors. Generic items are acceptable. All school uniform is available from and can be collected from TaylorMade or delivered to school to be collected on a Friday. Alternatively, our PTFA has second hand school uniform, which is available to purchase. Please contact them via the QE2 School - parent / carers Facebook page. 

In warmer weather, shorts or blue and white dresses may be more appropriate for primary pupils; however, we would ask senior students to continue to wear their winter uniform.  In exceptionally hot weather, senior students may wear knee length grey or black shorts as we appreciate our students may overheat or become uncomfortable.

We have always maintained that it is not appropriate for senior girls to wear summer dresses because in our view, it is not age-appropriate and does not reflect the principles listed above. 

We are also concerned about issues around hygiene and dignity when girls are dealing with their periods, where light coloured clothing can be an issue.

Pantsuits - whilst we are not stating that pantsuits cannot be worn, we do have some concerns in that they limit the independence of pupils, particularly when changing or using the toilet.  If pupils are supported in using the toilet it is also a privacy and dignity issue as the whole suit has to be removed; it could end up on the floor, which is then a hygiene issue. We are committed to ensuring privacy and dignity for all our students and to that end, encourage this when we are teaching dressing and undressing skills, for example at swimming we teach our pupils to keep their top half covered until they have put the bottom half of their costume on.

All pupils should be dressed for school in shoes and clothing that are uncomplicated in style, and which will enable the individual to dress/undress as independently as possible.

Parents are asked to label all items of clothing. 

PE uniform

For reasons of hygiene and safety, all pupils will need to change for PE lessons, including rebound therapy, into plimsolls or trainers with a white sole, a school team tee shirt and black shorts or tracksuit.  Parents are asked to provide a drawstring PE bag which is labelled.  Again, a generic tee shirt in the correct house colour is acceptable.

Jewellery including watches is not permitted in school, with the exception of students in Sixth Form who will be expected to remove these items before sporting activities.  Pupils with pierced ears can wear small studs only and they must be removed before PE lessons or covered with tape (micropore or similar).  The school cannot accept responsibility for such items.

Students in Globetrotters’ Sixth Form do not wear school uniform but do need suitable clothes to change into for their chosen sporting activities.

School reserves the right to forbid any personal belongings that could be considered unacceptably dangerous in school or against the interests of the pupils at large.