Sixth Form

Globetrotters is a sixth form college for students aged 16-19. 

Our curriculum is organised into life skills, developing independence and making choices, creativity and functional skills. Each term we select a creative topic through which we develop our sense of the world combining subjects such as science, geography, computing, drama, history and music. Alongside this, the students continue to work on their functional English and Maths skills. Life skills and independence are taught through cookery, gardening and sports options. Over the three years that they spend in the college, the students work towards an ASDAN qualification which encompasses all areas of their college curriculum. Students are also able to gain a recognised Arts Award. 

In addition, all students are able to gain experience with external links to aid in their transition and development of skills through farm work at Brinsbury College and woodwork at The Butterfly Project. The excellent care, guidance and support that they receive ensure that our students are given the confidence, skills and stepping stones to move onto the next stages of their lives.