WOW Learning!

Wow Learning!
On this page you can see examples of great learning from our classes. Wow is not an acronym, these are just examples of work or lessons that made us say "WOW!"
If you are looking for a particular class or subject area, you can either scroll down to look for it or use your browser's Search function (often CTRL-F for Find) to look for keywords such as "science" or "Pioneers."

We have loved designing our own ball games and playing each others games too. It has been lots of fun to work together and working on our coordination skills! We have also been learning about balanced diets and making smoothies!



This last year I have been very lucky to be given the chance to work with pupils across the school in order to develop their music abilities and opportunities. KS3 and KS4 took part in Horsham sings live, hosted by the fantastic West Sussex music. The pupils got to join 2 other schools in a wonderful singing event and performed their own piece. Our very own Millie also made everyone proud by singing a solo with only 2 days’ notice. Alongside this I have really enjoyed working with focused groups to work on reading music and playing the piano.

Rosie Gilbert, Teacher, Adventurers Class



Astronauts Class have been working hard in all areas of the curriculum and have been enjoying fun activities in topic work.  The students have been working towards specific targets including in reading, writing, maths and fine motor skills.  Most of all, the adults have been impressed with the students for developing their independence by trying their best to do things by themselves!  Well done Astronauts!!!

Balloonists - Bounce
Wow, what an amazing start to the new school term! We loved exploring the big ball pits to give us a memorable experience to start off our new topic Bounce! It was such a great surprise to start off the Summer Term! We moved our bodies through the balls, through the balls and watched them balance of streams of air into the air! We can’t wait to learn more about our topic this term! 
Globetrotters - The Butterfly Project
Globetotters’ students have been going to The Butterfly Project every Friday. They have been learning how to use a wood laser engraver to create key rings. The key rings have The Butterfly Project logo on one side and their names on the other!
Globetrotters Digital Media Group - Titanic Film
(Topic, Frozen Kingdom, Cornerstones, History)
The Globetrotters Digital Media Group expanded a cartoon that Kaiden had drawn as part of his work on the Titanic into an animated short cartoon. They scanned the original artwork to use as storyboards, wrote and recorded a voiceover script and then edited it all together and animated it using Microsoft PowerPoint.
The film will be their entry into the London Schools Film Competition.
Globetrotters Photography Group - Playground Film
(Photography, ICT, ASDAN)
For their 2023 end-of-year project, some of the Globetrotters Photography Group, chose to make a film about our new playground equipment. The video below is made from what they filmed as directed by Fleur.
Sailors, Divers & Cavers - Holi

As part of our Signs of Spring topic, Sailors, Divers and Cavers have been learning about a Hindu festival called Holi. We found out that Holi is a celebration of Spring, love and colours. We had lots of fun, and got a bit messy, during our own Holi Festival in our playground.


Balloonists - Topic

Balloonists have loved getting involved in our new topic already- Scrumdiddlyumptious! We have started the topic with a memorable experience to the farm shop! We bought some tasty food which we used to cook with, and the shop also let us try some tasters there too! We had lots of fun and enjoyed talking about it the next day too!

Adventurers - RE

Adventurers have been working hard in RE this term learning about the importance of symbols. First the students looked at how logos and symbols are used in our world, eg. manufacturers’ logos.   We then learned about the different symbols which represent the six key faiths  (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism and Judaism).  The students created some amazing art work using chalk on black paper which are on display in our classroom.  We specifically learned about Sikhism and how the ‘Five Ks’ are important symbols within the Sikh faith.


Pioneers - Playlist Topic

During our topic Playlist, Pioneers have worked really hard to learn different genres of music, showing opinion and preference in making choices of what music to listen to. We have also been doing some really hard work learning onomatopoeia words. Pioneers took the time to decorate onomatopoeia words in artist styles that correspond with the word, using their initiative and amazing knowledge, for example, splatting paint to splat music, or sprinkling glitter to make a sprinkling sound. Pioneers have been able to associate words with noises and recreate these independently.


Pioneers - Painting to Music
(Art, Music, Topic)
Music contains several elements.  Students from Pioneers listened to 5 different music tracks, listening out for the elements that create a individual track/song. With the aid of objects and different coloured paints Students created a collaborative piece of art, by moving the objects to the speed, rhythm & beat of the music. It was a fun afternoon with students really enjoying the freedom of expressive art.

Balloonists have been enjoying all things woodland in the classroom and outside the classroom! We have been learning all about different woodland animals and the types of dens, nests and setts that they live in! The students enjoyed designing their own dens, exploring the different materials and creating one themselves!

Pilots Woodland

Pilots have been enjoying all things woodland in the classroom and outside the classroom! We have been discovering the features that make up a woodland and going out in the community to find them. Pilots have loved learning about what makes a woodlands unique and have been continuing to ask their scientific questions…why is that? What would happen if?


Key Stage 2 Woodlands

(Balloonists, Pilots, Astronauts)


This Spring term, students from key stage 2 have explored a variety of materials found in a woodland environment. Each student has had the opportunity to create some fantastic, very tactile and sensory based items of work. These include a woodland collage, a tree Bogart/owl, made with clay, a modroc toad stool. These items are going to be used in a school display within the school. Students have shown individual creativity and independent work this term.

Well done guys! 


Globetrotters and Trailblazers – King Lear

(Drama, Music, English)

As part of the Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation Theatre Festival, students from Globetrotters and Trailblazers performed their version of King Lear to an audience at The Capitol Theatre. The process began with learning the story, then auditioning for parts, before lots of rehearsing, learning lines and practicing with costumes, hair and make-up. The students told the famous story of King Lear alongside powerful music including Stormzy’s ‘Heavy is the Head’ and Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’. Everyone loved having the opportunity to perform in a theatre and the final performance was a huge success!