Dinner Menu

School Meals


Our school kitchen provides food cooked from fresh daily, offering a nutritionally balanced menu. We make provision for special dietary needs e.g. some pupils need liquidised food and others have food allergies; we also encourage pupils to try new foods where appropriate.

We have fun on Theme Days throughout the year, such as our Modern Foreign Language days where pupils are encouraged to try different food from around the world. Food Technology is linked into the themes in our creative curriculum and other events are also celebrated through food. Our kitchen can also provide freshly packed lunch bags for pupils who are going out for the day if this is requested.
Dinner Menu
Here is the menu for this term's tasty treats! You can view it on this page, or download it as a PDF.

Please note that for the Summer Term 2021 the following change applies:
In Week 1, the Wednesday non-meat option has changed from Root & Lentil Casserole to Lentil Cottage Pie and the Friday non-meat option has changed from Chickpea Tagine to Quorn Carbonara.