10 Year Rock Challenge Award for QEII Students

16th April 2018
TEN YEAR Rock Challenge Award for QEII Students!
On Monday 16th April we were delighted to be able to present special certificates to Karen and Lorna from Oaks class celebrating a decade of involvement in the UK Rock Challenge. Rock Challenge usually give out these certificates to staff who have been involved for ten years to recognise their dedication. It is very rare for students to earn them since at most schools they will typically only be involved for one or two years. When the Rock Challenge organisers found out that we had students who'd done TEN performances, they were keen to celebrate it and promised to send us the appropriate cerificates.
On Monday they arrived, and the girls now each have their own "Gold Disc" certificate with their name on it. Sue Jay and Lesley presented them in front of everyone, appropriately at the rehearsal for our upcoming Gala at The Capitol.