The curriculum is accessed through the setting of yearly annual education plans which are evaluated through the annual review process.  Termly targets are set through the use of Individual learning plans (ILP’s) that are set by a multi-professional team including the teacher, physiotherapist, speech and language therapist and occupational therapist and indicate priorities for each pupil.  Parents are invited to include their ideas in this process and are informed of how pupils have progressed towards their goals at the end of each term. In addition, our super goals provide aspirational targets that can be transformational to a pupil’s life.  Our aim is for it to be one thing that will really impact on the pupil and their family in terms of living independent and fulfilling lives appropriate to their individual needs.

Pupils EHCP objectives are constantly addressed through our curriculum and as discreet targets. They are incorporated into pupil’s ILP targets and are continuously reviewed using our bespoke assessment platform. They are reported on at each pupil’s annual review and these are broken down as appropriate into smaller steps. The assessment that takes place is very individualised and takes in to account the student’s EHCP, their ILP’S and their work carried out in the curriculum/ASDAN . Teachers keep detailed records on individual and group progress using a whole school system which ensures continuity and progression throughout the school.  Each pupil has a learning journal that charts their progress whether through Cornerstones, Impacts or Asdan.  The assessment and progress is recorded through the use of the ‘Earwig’ assessment platform that has been tailored to suit our students’ needs and abilities.

On this page you can view or download performance data for our school. You may also find the below link to the DFE Performance Tables website useful.