Primary Classes

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Divers, Balloonists, Pilots & Astronauts classes cater mainly for  junior ages (Key Stage 1 & 2) although pupils are placed according to their individual needs.  Our aim is to develop each of the pupil’s present skills through individual and group work, working to the primary national curriculum and developing personal, social, health and citizenship skills.

The classes work in close partnership and often there are opportunities for pupils to access a range of activities in a variety of settings.  This mainly presents itself in physical education and the creative arts.

The classes provide a balance of learning experiences through a variety of approaches such as role play, investigation, sensory learning, structured play, circle time, table top activities and discussion.  Pupils are encouraged to take some responsibility for their own learning and are encouraged to evaluate their own performance if appropriate.

The classes work closely with partner schools such has Heron Way, Littlehaven, Holbrook and Leechpool where individuals or groups of children have the opportunity to interact with their peers each week and join in with constructive activities.  This has proved very successful for many students, encouraging growth and inspiring individuals. During their time in Astronauts Class pupils are introduced to a residential experience involving a one night stay at a local outdoor pursuit centre.