Astronauts Class is a Key Stage 2 class for children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. We currently have 11 students, 1 teacher and 4 Special Support Assistants who work with the children throughout the week. All our students follow an individualised curriculum to meet their specific needs and support their progress towards their personal targets. Students learn one-to-one, in small groups and as a whole class to best support their achievement and interpersonal skills.

Our curriculum is inspired by the Cornerstones Curriculum and adapted to suit the needs of each student. We teach through termly topics that are inspired by the children’s interests and motivate our students to engage with their learning. Students are given opportunities to develop their creativity, independence, sensory understanding and life skills throughout their daily activities.

We use a variety of augmentative and alternative communication strategies to create a ‘Total Communication’ environment. This enables our students to express their needs, wants and interests at all stages of their communication development. The strategies we use include speech, Makaton, PODD, PECS, symbols, photographs, objects of reference and sensory cueing.