Drop Off & Pick Up Arrangements

Many pupils travel to school on home / school transport provided by the Local Authority. This may be by school bus or taxi. All pupils on school transport have an escort and a transport care plan setting out any particular requirements. 

The start and end of the school day can be particularly busy and we would ask that you follow the guidelines set out below. 

  •     Our school has a no reversing policy
  •     On entering the school site please follow the one way system round to the left
  •     At busy times there is a queue for minibuses and a queue for cars which are side by side
  •     All pupils on school transport must be dropped off at the front door where they will be collected by a member of staff
  •     Please do not let your child leave the vehicle until the traffic is stationary.
  •     Please do not park in the school lane by the garages or block the pedestrian access or pavement.
  •     Our neighbours ask that you do not park on the grass verges in Comptons Lane
  •     Parking is not permitted in the layby adjacent to the mini-roundabout
  •     Parents / carers who bring their children to and from school are asked to drop off and pick up from the various marked areas around the front of the school.


For more details about home / school transport

 Click here to access the School Transport page of WSCC's website.