WOW Learning!

Wow Learning!
On this page you can see examples of great learning from our classes. Wow is not an acronym, these are just examples of work or lessons that made us say "WOW!"
If you are looking for a particular class or subject area, you can either scroll down to look for it or use your browser's Search function (often CTRL-F for Find) to look for keywords such as "science" or "Beech."
We will be adding more Wow learning over time.
Oaks Class - Butterfly Life Cycle

We brought Caterpillars and we watched them grow, then they went into their Crysalisis.

Finally they turned into painted ladies butterflies. We released them and watched them fly away!

We made a life cycle of a butterfly using paper plates and pasta.

We made butterfly feeders to feed our butterflies.


We found out facts and wrote reports.

Written by Abby in Oaks class
Palms Class - Buildings
(Understand the World, Maths)
Palms Class have been enjoying activities based around our topic: How does that building stand up? We have driven construction vehicles through shaving foam in our messy play area as well as exploring a sensory construction site with a range of tactile materials, through this we have learnt about what all the different vehicles do. We have also been practising our counting when building towers with blocks and have then enjoyed knocking them down! More recently we have started looking at shops and have been eager to play with our friends in our Palms Class shop! 
Chestnut Class - European Day of Languages
(MFL, Geography, DT, Cooking)

Did you know, that the European Day of Languages has been celebrated every year across Europe since 2001, on the 26th of September- together with the European Commission? You can find out more about European Day of Languages here:

Chestnut Class celebrated this year in a variety of ways. They learnt some simple phrases in other European Languages. They then tasted some different foods from other European countries including Salami, brioche and Greek yoghurt! Everyone worked hard to communicate what they wanted to taste, some by using Aided Language Boards. After learning about some of the countries in Europe, and looking at their flags, they then made their own flag biscuits with icing! The students even had time to ‘visit’ some of the countries via green screen!

Limes Class - Planets (Science, writing)

Limes Class have explored our solar system and found out lots of exciting facts about the planets that revolve around the sun. We used fruit to represent the planets so that we could see how different they all are in size. Next, we took our fruity solar system out to the playground to make a model of the planets revolving around the sun and spinning on their own axis. We got a bit dizzy but it helped us realise why some planets have years that are much longer or shorter than ours is here on Earth. We used non-fiction text to gather information about the planets and created a fantastic fact file about each one, we have them displayed in our classroom. Some of us wrote out the facts in our own words and some of us used symbols to describe them. They help us to remember the order of the planets and some fun facts about each of them.


Cherries Class - Crashed Rocket
(Science, communication & language)

Our topic this term is Moon Zoom and Cherries Class have been learning about space. We found a crashed rocket on the playground, which we investigated. We followed the alien’s footsteps and we think the aliens may have gone into Oaks! We have made ourselves into aliens and used lots of descriptive language to talk about what we think the aliens look like! In Drama, we have also been learning about Beegu who came to earth by herself and exploring different planets!


Chestnut Class - Bucket Time

Chestnut Class always work hard in their Bucket Time (Attention Autism) sessions.

Attention Autism is an intervention model designed by Gina Davies, a specialist speech and language therapist. It aims to develop natural and spontaneous communication through the use of visually based and highly motivating activities. Our sessions aim to engage attention, improve joint attention, develop a shared enjoyment in group activities, and increase attention in adult-led activities.

You can find out more about Attention Autism on Gina Davies’ website:

On the 24th of September, Chestnut Class explored a space themed Bucket Time, linked to our topic, ‘Moon Zoom’. In Stage 2, we watched in excitement as Helene splated paint and glitter to make a space picture! We all thought it was very funny when Helene got paint all over the floor! In Stage 3, we took turns to dress up as an astronaut. We enjoyed being jiggled in ‘the rocket’ and blasting off!


Cedar Class - Day and Night (Science)

Cedar have been learning about night and day. We made a model to represent this using a small globe and a torch.


Pines Class - Forest School (D&T, Art & Design)

In Pines class we hit the ground running with our first Forest Schools session. Despite the rain we made some delicious smores and savory crackers on the firepit as well as crafting wooden pendants, building a den and creating some amazing artwork using the natural resources around us.

Elms Class - Van Gogh "Starry Night" (art)
We have been looking at works of art by Vincent Van Gogh since the beginning of term so, with this in mind, we have been busy creating our own "Starry Night" puzzle style. Each student was given a "piece of the puzzle" and they coloured/decorated their piece. They then connected it all together to make an amazing collaged "Elms Starry Night."