Willows Class caters for children aged two to four years with a broad range of special educational needs. Some children access the Nursery on a part time basis, the number of days each child attends is dependent on their individual needs.

Willows provides a bright, interesting and stimulating environment where the children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and inspiration is also taken from the Cornerstones Curriculum. This is based on half termly topics which promote opportunities for learning through play by way of practical activities which support their needs.

Willows enjoy a varied timetable which helps to promote individual skills, ideas and independence in all areas of learning. Indoor and outdoor free flow activities are a daily part of our routine. Willows also participate in activities enjoyed by the whole school such as swimming, rebound and drama.

Willows have input from the Speech and Language Team, Physio and Occupational Therapists to provide a balanced individual programme adapted for our unique children.

Willows is proud of its outreach programme which involves ‘mainstream’ children coming to the school on a part time basis. This project ensures that our children are working alongside their peers, benefitting from the skills they bring to the class.