Chestnut is a Key Stage 1 and 2 class and caters for students who are between years 1 and 4. The classroom provides a bright, child-friendly and stimulating environment, where learning takes a play-based approach, with elements of structured activities, which may be 1-to-1, small group or whole class based. All students follow programmes of work designed to meet their individual needs, learning through creative activities across the curriculum.


We use a 'Total Communication' approach which involves the use of supplementary strategies to support and scaffold a young person's own communication. These strategies include speech, Makaton Signing, PODD, P.E.C.S, symbols, photographs,  Objects of Reference, Sensory Cueing and touch cues (on body signing/ TaSSeLs). Students are encouraged to be as independent as they possibly can be, and where appropriate, are encouraged to develop their physical skills and take responsibility for meeting their personal care and/or health needs. 


The primary classes at QEII follow the national curriculum, differentiated for individual need.  Individual students may also follow the IMPACTS curriculum, for students with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD), where appropriate. The curriculum in Chestnut revolves around half-termly topics. This creative approach aims to motivate and engage students in their learning. We take inspiration from the Cornerstones Curriculum.