Firs Class is particularly for pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties.  The class has a high pupil/staff ratio to enable activities to be completed on a one to one basis. There is a strong emphasis on a multi-sensory approach to education. Switches are used to enable the pupils to have control in their environment for example, in the hydrotherapy pool, sensory area of the classroom and to activate equipment used in differing activities, such as wheelchair mobility, cooking appliances, the hair dryer, fans etc. As with all classes, targets are set on a termly basis and are linked with the school's curriculum document. Post sixteen students work on achieving the ASDAN multi-sensory award. The speech and language therapist works with staff to promote effective  communication through an appropriate means such as, switches or eye gaze technology.  Staff also work closely with both the physiotherapist and occupational therapist so that mobility skills are maximised. 

During their time in this class, pupils will experience a variety of positions which will help expand their horizons such as lying in a variety of ways, specialist seating and using standing frames.  Where appropriate, pupils are also encouraged to walk in a specially designed walking aid, thus developing independent mobility. We also encourage use of our Motomed assisted bicycle.

The class follows a sensory curriculum which aims to enable greater access to the school curriculum.  This will include activities such as hydrotherapy, Rebound therapy, aromatherapy, sensology, music therapy, tactile work and use of the dark room. Achievement is assessed using the Impacts Framework. 

Emphasis is also placed on independence skills such as feeding, toilet training as appropriate and hygiene.