Here at QEII School, we understand that learning as well as therapy happens everywhere which is why we place emphasis  on the need to juxtapose traditional classroom based  learning with more practical approaches such as;  



All of our students have the opportunity to swim at school in our hydro pool or at the local community pool in town. They are supported by staff as well as a trained instructor to progress and improve on their skill or simply to help with daily physiotherapy exercises. 



Rebound therapy as well as trampoline sessions take place weekly to support not only fitness but also sensory needs alongside physio development. The sessions take place in our studio and are also used to aid learning in other areas of the curriculum too.


Horse Riding

Students in both primary and senior departments have the opportunity to attend riding lessons at local RDA’S (Riding for the Disabled Association) Riding Therapy is known to improve confidence, co-ordination, self-esteem and fitness. But above all, it is fun for those taking part. Riding Therapy participants can enjoy the experience of riding, giving them the chance to be independent. The  team  at the RDA alongside our staff help the  students with attention, concentration and sensory movement. Horse riding improves motor skills, self-esteem and confidence. Other benefits include muscle development, improved co-ordination and increased strength and balance.


Forest Schools

All classes will have the opportunity for learning ’outside’ through our very own Forest Schools programme that takes place in its’ own designated garden at school. Activities within the forest school will be varied, diverse and numerous but the emphasis is on trying to create independent learners who are inspired to try out their own ideas, explore their own interests and to attempt new ideas. Some of our planned activities include:-Shelter building, fire lighting, tool use, Studying wildlife, sensory activities and cooking on an open fire amongst many others.